the key


This piece was created based from a simple picture of a child playing in a muddy puddle. I have always had a fascination with the eternal aspects of eternity and it’s beauty yet knowing deep down when something is pursued there is always a cost involved.

I would say children reflect the nature of Jesus more than we realize. For why would Jesus tell us that we must become as little children in order to enter into His Kingdom. What of their behavior that the Lord highly favors–what can I learn from a child? Is the knowledge that we obtain through life so corrosive that it ends up blinding the very life of seeing our Savior in all His splendor and glory? It is true–we must stoop way down from the world in order to catch just a glimpse of that eternal key.

The reason behind “unlocking your dreams” is all the goodness that Jesus desires to pour out upon humanity if only we would accept Him and make Him Lord of our life.


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