not my home . . .

This morning I was signing up again for a Facebook account and the screen popped up and asked where I live and what is my hometown. Pretty simple questions, eh? But if your like me–i always tend to think just a little bit deeper about things. And with the question rose an answer–i don’t consider to be tied anywhere–I am but a pilgrim in this life waiting for my Maker. And isn’t it true that when we are put in a place of suffering that all the sudden we start to truly examine our place and motives before God? For if all was well–we would have really no need to question — even though it should be brought daily before Him. I suppose that’s where things go awry…when we begin to forget Him and become comfortable in our lees. We don’t realize we are starting to forget–it just slowly creeps in through the cares of this world. The only way to stop it is to have a fervant heart that seeks after Him—daily. This is where I failed. I lost my heart…yet still the Lord in His kindness and goodness desires to talk with me about things…He never stops chasing us.

Heb. 11:10 For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary shares:

We are often called to leave worldly connexions, interests, and comforts. If heirs of Abraham’s faith, we shall obey and go forth, though not knowing what may befall us; and we shall be found in the way of duty, looking for the performance of God’s promises. The trial of Abraham’s faith was, that he simply and fully obeyed the call of God. Sarah received the promise as he promise of God; being convinced of that, she truly judged that he both could and would perform it. Many, who have a part in the promises, do not soon receive the things promised. Faith an lay hold of blessings at a great distance; can make them present; can love them and rejoice in them, though strangers; as saints, whose home is heaven; as pilgrims, travelling toward heir home. By faith, they overcome the terrors of death, and bid a cheerful farewell to this world, and to all the comforts and crosses of it. And those once truly and savingly called out of a sinful state, have no mind to return into it. All true believers desire the heavenly inheritance; and the stronger faith is, the more fervent those desires will be. Notwithstanding their eanness by nature, their vileness by sin, and the poverty of their outward condition, God is not ashamed to be called the God of all true believers; such is his mercy, such is his love to them. Let them never be ashamed of being called his people, nor of any of those who are truly so, how much soever despised in the world. Above all, let them take care that they are not a shame and reproach to their God. The greatest trial and act of faith upon record is, Abraham’s offering up Isaac, Gen 22:2. There, every word shows a trial. It is our duty to reason down our doubts and fears, by looking, as Abraham did, to the Almighty power of God. The best way to enjoy our comforts is, to give them up to God; he will then again give them as shall be the best for us. Let us look how far our faith has caused the like obedience, when we have been called to lesser acts of self-denial, or to make smaller sacrifices to our duty. Have we given up what was called for, fully believing that the Lord would make up all our losses, and even bless us by the most afflicting dispensations?


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