the dynamics of the current church

We went to a neighbor’s birthday party yesterday. It was very interesting as I reflected on the dynamics of how a church ought to operate. I would say 95% of the people that attended were from the same church. Our family made up the 1% that were not church goers–the other 4% were those that did not possess any sort of faith.

Besides chasing my son around, I had plenty of time to watch the interesting dynamics of this entire group.

Not one person from this so called “church” came over to chat with us or even just say “hi”. They were clustered in their own specific groups. The people that ended up hanging out with us were the very people that were uncomfortable too–the other 4% who had no faith.

We left the party and the only word I could think of to sum up the gathering was the word “cult” which is a pretty intense word to use to describe the dynamics of a simple birthday party.

But it caused me to reflect on how a true church should operate. Are we that “clickish” to the world? So much so that the world can’t stand us?


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