where’s your “thou”?

Today I was re-reading a pamphlet by Art Katz and was struck again by his words… It never ceases to amaze me how many times I can read his writings and I am still impacted again. Take a look here–excerpted from Apostolic Conversion…

I love the way the Lord encountered Saul, who fell to the earth and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul. Saul, why persecuteth thou Me?” I think that if we are examining the anatomy of conversion, of what it is that must be radically turned, it is this fatal error, if it is allowed final expression, will ultimately result in the persecution of God and the Church. And what is this error? It is this – putting our ‘thou’ before God’s ‘Me.’ “Why persecuteth thou Me?” Why do you celebrate, and put your self-interest, however religious and sanctified you think it is, before Me? Here is where I have to trust the Holy Ghost to take that simple thing that lies too deep for words, and reveal the crux of the matter. We are not converted until His ‘Me’ is before our ‘thou.’ That is the fatal mishap, we go through an entire lifetime with our ‘thou’ preceding His ‘Me,’ even religiously. Something needs to be wrenched about, radically altered and corrected; the one thing must be before the other – His ‘Me’ before our ‘thou.’ If that does not take place, be assured that in one form or the other, we are persecuting God; we are opposing God even while we purport to be labouring and serving in His interest! Isn’t that exactly the picture of Saul? Note that here is not some calculated atheist, indifferent to God, but here was a man zealous for God. The error that led to the persecution of God’s own people, and God Himself in His people, was committed by a religious man in error whose ‘thou’, however well meaning, was yet before God’s ‘Me.’

Thinking back of years that have past–i can certainly say my “thou” has too many times been before His “Me”…and my seeking Him first has become a second, a third, and sometimes not at all. Lord have mercy…that I might return unto You. Give us eyes to see our error and return with a faithful heart back to You… amen.


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