the Struggle

PRAYERGod of our universe, help me to pray,
let me communicate, show how; today.
Long have I waited an answer to prayer;
I’ve wondered at times, does it go anywhere?
Is it self-centered and smug to God’s ear?
Do I speak only of things I hold dear?
Soothe my vain struggles and grant me your rest;
Father, forgive me, and hear this request.

Hear me, and blot out those thoughts that conspire,
“If I am good, You should grant my desire!”
Shut out the whisper that comes like a taunt,
“Why don’t you give me the things that I want?”
Teach me, rebuke me, and help me to see
That I cannot bargain, dear father, with Thee!
I am not proud, but it’s hard to be meek,
Make me desire your forgiveness to seek.

Turn back my steps from my own willful way,
You are the Potter and I’m only clay.
Grant me humility; cause me to grow.
I’ll accept thy will though it be “No.”
When I am weary, and faith has grown dim,
Let me remember to think then of Him
Who in the garden my victory won,
Praying, “Not My will, but Your will be done.”


The other day I was cleaning out one of our bedrooms and found this poem written out on a piece of paper. I have no idea who wrote it–for the letters left on the sheet of paper were L.R.F.–copyright no.103. I was blessed by what I read and decided I would post it so that you too might be blessed. We all struggle with different things in our life–whether it’s finances, our health, relationships…but one thing we can count on is that God does hear our prayers–and while He may not answer us right away–He is listening. He actually leans in when we pray–just like as if you were whispering–He leans in to hear even our smallest utterance. He not only cares about the things we may think our important–but He also cares about the little things such as causing a flower to bloom knowing that you would smile when you saw it and thank Him for it. He controls all things–even your struggles.


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