a tribute to Art Katz

On June 28th, Art Katz, a true servant of Christ, went home to be with the Lord.

Art Katz(excerpted from Lost Seed and Akiva Cohen)
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York through the depression years and coming to adolescence during the turbulence of World War II, Art Katz, in his quest for the meaning of life, began a journey toward Truth that climaxed significantly and symbolically in Jerusalem.

Through the diversity of Marxist, pragmatist, and existentialist ideologies and philosophies, as well as merchant marine and military experiences, Art was brought to a final moral crisis as a teacher, able to raise, but not answer the groaning perplexities of the modern age and his own heart. During a leave of absence and on a hitch-hiking odyssey through North Africa, Western Europe and the Middle East, the cynical and unbelieving atheist, vehement anti-religionist and anti-Christian was radically apprehended by a God whom he was not seeking. The actual journal of that experience, Ben Israel – Odyssey of a Modern Jew, recounts the breaking into consciousness and ultimate apprehension of an unsuspecting and resistant ‘son of Israel.’ Other of his books published since include, Reality – The Hope of Glory; The Spirit of Truth; The Holocaust – Where was God?; Apostolic Foundations and True Fellowship.

Art attended Santa Monica City College, UCLA, and the University of California at Berkeley, earning B.A. and M.A. degrees in history as well as a M.A. degree in theology at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN. Art’s public ministry of nearly forty years is both anointed and conceptually challenging, reflecting such end-time themes as the significance of Israel and the Church. Art was also founder and elder of Ben Israel Fellowship, a community established in Minnesota, USA over thirty years ago at the felt direction of God. Among its purposes is to seek for a consciously biblical life-style and to witness the radical relevance of the Bible’s message to contemporary societies throughout the world. With several of his books translated into major foreign languages, Art traveled frequently and widely to many nations. Akiva shares that while the Western church has passed through fad after fad, Art has preached the steady and unwavering message of repentance and the need to pick up one’s cross and follow Jesus.

He adds that Art had a prophet’s burden to prepare the church to be God’s instrument of grace for Israel’s last days tribulation. He held the firm conviction that the church of the Nations is God’s chosen vehicle by which the Jewish people would encounter their God in the midst of the yet future time of “Jacob’s trouble.”

Even from his own mouth, Art spoke of his desire that his message remain authentic in spite of his nature in an interview in 2001.

He shared, “A prophetic man has a great sense of his responsibility before God: “My Lord, to be Your mouthpiece, to speak Your Word. How dare I traffic in this, or take my liberty, or use it for any self-aggrandizement or take liberties with Your Word, or seek affect?” There is a great ponderous weight of responsibility before God not to violate the trust, and yet we hear Elijah say, “As the Lord my God lives before whom I stand it shall not rain or dew, but according to my word” (1 Kin. 17:1), and he commands the widow woman to feed him first; we also hear Paul say, “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1), and Moses describes himself as the meekest man upon the face of the earth. In one sense, it sounds like the most arrogant egotism, but in the deeper sense, it issues out of brokenness and a humility that men of this character, substance and history, know and have. Therefore, I would say that brokenness, the dealings of God, is a requisite for the prophetic man. God has to keep him somewhat in that state at all times, keep it current and let him taste humiliation frequently. I mentioned today, even when he has sought the Lord with fasting and believes that he has the Lord’s Word, to hear an indictment that you have failed the Lord and have grossly, adversely affected God’s people, and to consider that, yes, that might be true. You always live in the tension that you might fail; therefore, you take as great a precaution as you can and being careful over what you say, but knowing also that in the volume of much speaking, there is sin. My daily prayer is always, “Forgive me, Lord, for the iniquity of much speaking, because invariably something will slip in, the tone of accent, an illustration that is not totally Yours, for which I ask Your forgiveness and Your cleansing, and that will be more perfectly the expression of Your heart and life.” That is a great and awesome responsibility and call, and that is why such men need to be prayed for, need to be attended by prayer, by intercession. Those men who are not in that kind of relationship and have organizations rather than communities, who of necessity would affirm them and not bring correction, are in the greatest danger of becoming false.”

I first met Art Katz 9 years ago through a series of divine appointments. Today I would like to share my story and I would encourage you to read Reality – The Hope of Glory, by Art Katz.

It was graduation day–I was finally graduating from North Central Bible College after 5 years of hard work. I was apprehensive of what the future might hold and what ministry the Lord had in store for me–if any at all. My mom and dad had drove up from Maryland to attend my graduation in Minneapolis, MN. Unfortunately my dad got the flu on the evening before the ceremony and was unable to attend with my mom to the church.

My mom sat in a pew by herself but sat with pride, I’m sure, to see her daughter walk up to the stage and receive her degree. But here is where, the Lord orchestrated a series of events in order for me to meet a servant of God. I did not know who Art Katz was–never heard of the name before that day (1998). My mom sat right behind him that day–he attended the same graduation to see his son receive his degree. His grandkids were climbing all over the pews–my mom is a baby magnet–all kids love her. His grandkids wanted to sit with my mom and that’s where a conversation started between Art and my mom.

My mom shared her concerns about the church–not even realizing who she was speaking too–he listened and in the end, handed my mom a pamphlet and encouraged her to read it. After the graduation, he disappeared. That pamphlet was called Apostolic Conversion. “This booklet is a transcribed and edited message, spoken at a charismatic fellowship whose nominal acceptance of the first two messages made it clear that something radical had to happen in their midst. A powerful arrow to the heart of the Church’s apathy and lethargy that examines the issue of true conversion.”(excerpted from Ben Israel web site) I highly recommend this book.

My mom came up to me and my friends at the end of the graduation to take pictures. She shared that she spoke to a very nice man who gave her the book in her hand. My friend Chad became estatic when he saw the name on the pamphlet–he wanted to know where he was–he knew who Art Katz was. My mom then shared he had to slip out. She gave me the pamphlet and said–“I think this is for you–I know that I probably won’t read it”.Later on after I read the book, I had wished my mom would of read it. It would of settled many things in her heart concerning her views and the Church.

I took the pamphlet back to my apartment and read through it in one day. I was so affected by what I read because it was so different from the fads that would spring up in the Church. I had to read more. I had to find out more about this message–i knew it was authentic and from the throne of God. The message was Truth–His Truth.

I wrote Art a letter and asked if he had other books that I could read. I shared in my letter about his meeting my mom and shared that if he was ever in the area again that I know there are students that would like to meet him and hear his message. I was surprised when he wrote back and enclosed a second book. Reality-The Hope of Glory. He gave me his email and said at the end of his letter to keep in touch–and I did. A couple months later he wrote and said he would be in town with Willie Wallace (another precious brother) and would love to stop by and have a meeting with some students. So I rallied some students together. I remember that day so clear, I wanted to fix a pan of lasagna and knew that Art was Jewish, but I knew nothing about the Jews. All I knew was that they ate kosher food. I wasn’t sure if I should add meat to the lasagna. Ha! So I added meat on half of the lasagna. It was the worst lasagna I had ever made–and as many of you know me–my lasagna rocks! The noodles were so soupy! It was hilarious. When Art and Willie arrived, I asked how does one eat kosher foods. Art chuckled and with graciousness shared that what I made was acceptable. I wish I could remember his exact words–but his reply made all of us laugh who were present in the room.

I will also share that what Art shared that day was way over my head. I was disgruntled that I could not understand anything that he was sharing concerning the Jews. But I had a heart to know and so I continued to pursue this message that confounded me.

I continued to read his books and began to pick up even older books written back in the 1800’s which also seemed rich with the message of Christ. I became tired of the church fads even though I was still consumed with going to church and being on worship teams–but something was slowly changing. I began to become even more restless in my heart concerning what I really believed. Was it merely religion or was it Jesus and a true relationship with Him? The Lord was gently removing the sludge from my heart to bring in the sword of His Word.

I had a deep desire to just live at Ben Israel and take in as much as i could. So I decided to write and ask if I could live there. But the Lord had other plans for me, and Art knew that. I began to understand through that process that if I were to live there that there was nothing glamorous about living there and being apart of that body of believers– I was so precocious. All that I heard from those that lived there was that God would literally peel back all hidden layers of fallacy within a heart and bring His sword of truth. Amazingly, I was still curious. All I knew of church was fluff–I didn’t understand the suffering aspect of Jesus. But I had read about it in his Word. I knew that if the saints of old had suffered for Christ, why weren’t Christians today experiencing the same? Why wasn’t His Church really making a difference in the world in a radical way–if Jesus said that we would do even greater works than he? This perplexed me and I was consumed to getting to the bottom of it. Although I didn’t understand the vastness or propensity of what I was truly searching for. Or how it would affect the rest of my life.

Through this search I took many trips to Ben Israel and visited the saints that lived there. They were a second family for me–a spiritual family–not perfect but they love the Lord with all their heart. Their faith was authentic. They showed me that being a believer was not just something on Sunday’s to attend–but it was a way of life.

Every time I heard Art speak, my heart was perplexed and confounded–I had to hear more because within the perplexity, there was great peace and I knew what he shared was true because it was Jesus.

I could go on and on and share detail after detail. But the most important thing is that Art was obedient to the message that was within him. He affected thousands if not millions of lives on this planet– and I was one of them–for that, I am thankful. So I will deeply miss Art, and I am thankful to Jesus that there were those divine appointments that led me to walking on the path of righteousness. If my mom would of never met Art on that graduation day–I would not of met my husband who also lived there–again I am deeply grateful. Who knows where I would be today if it were not for all those orchestrated events.

I know in my heart that the message will go on–the message he spoke does not die with a man–but lives on, because it was never the man–he was just the vessel and instrument that God chose to speak through to pierce the hearts of man–for that–I am grateful. I will say that once your heart is pierced by the sword–you’ll never be the same. You won’t settle for just church.

Heb 11:10 For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

You will cry out of God and ask that He would remove all wood, hay and stubble.

1 Cor 3:12-16
Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble;
13 Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.
14 If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.
15 If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.
16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

You will want all wrinkles ironed out, you will want no spot on your gown.

Eph 5:27-30
27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.
28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.
29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:
30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

You will cry out to be filled with the Holy Spirit. You won’t want anything less. You will want to carry the message. For this is what the sword does–it makes you uneasy to settle for anything less that Jesus and the reality of His truth.

Matt 10:34-42
34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.
40 He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.
41 He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.
42 And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

So today, harden not your heart–may this day be the day of your turning–a true turning to Jesus.

Ps 95:8-11
8 Harden not your heart, as in the provocation, and as in the day of temptation in the wilderness:
9 When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my work.
10 Forty years long was I grieved with this generation, and said, It is a people that do err in their heart, and they have not known my ways:
11 Unto whom I sware in my wrath that they should not enter into my rest.

Heb 3:15-19
15 While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.
16 For some, when they had heard, did provoke: howbeit not all that came out of Egypt by Moses.
17 But with whom was he grieved forty years? was it not with them that had sinned, whose carcases fell in the wilderness?
18 And to whom sware he that they should not enter into his rest, but to them that believed not?
19 So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.

Heb 4:7-13
7 Again, he limiteth a certain day, saying in David, To day, after so long a time; as it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.
8 For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day.
9 There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.
10 For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.
11 Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.

12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
13 Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.


So how did you meet him? How did he affect your walk with Christ? Share your story here if you like.

Here’s more on Art Katz through the eyes of another blogger’s experience.


44 thoughts on “a tribute to Art Katz

  1. I have been doing some searching on the internet after learning of Art’s death, and found your site. Art came to our little Mennonite Church in NJ (my former church) years ago for a series of meetings and I recall how outward-looking he was, engaging people in conversation. We had some meals together both in Philadelphia and South Jersey and we walked in the Jewish cemetery in our town. On the way to NYC we stopped off at Princeton Seminary. Something funny I recall Art mentioning was how much smaller bagels seem to be these days! He was an intense intellectual seeker who also had a heart for the Lord and people.

  2. thank you Tim for sharing your memories of Art– what a blessing he was to so many saints.

    yes, the bagels have gotten smaller, haven’t they. 🙂

    may the Lord continue to bless you and the body of believers you are a part of.

  3. Art fue un verdadero padre espiritual para todos los que le conocimos, su partida con el Eterno es mi gran gozo, su ejemplo nos motiva a seguir más fiel al Señor. Para el Señor es mejor tenerlo en su presencia , ya que Art le causaba mucho gozo entre los mortales y más le causa ahora en su presencia, amén

  4. What a loss and a hope of glory . I met Art in 1979 in Yugoslavia. He undoutable was my spirital father. How I miss him and how I am happy for him. I stayed with him 3 days in February before my relocation to Seattle, WA. Wonderful exchange happened in thouse days which is eternal and timless. His last e-mail was “Dearest of man, receive hug from the Lord and me.” Our mutual love was not ours but the love of God that was manifested in earthen vessels. Art helped me a lot. In my present divorce situation with 7 children involved, he was my encouragement in the Lord. Such generosity flows only from the heart of God. He was a vessel who let it flow. Oh, Jonoton (Art), very pleasant has thou been unto me, thy love to me was wanderful, passing the love of woman. Zika

  5. Hi what a lovely testimony!!

    I left church at 21 in my 40s now,but all that time i read about certain people and ideas in the church,i dispared at the many voices all saying different things, and became more and more disillusioned,but with Art it was different, i knew he was real..

    Though i’m still very much in the same place,one person who continues to move me deeply is Art, a man who ran the race and finished,frankly to me Art is a giant!

    God Bless you and your family


  6. Art Katz had a profound impact on my walk with Jesus. I sorrow at our loss but rejoice over heaven’s gain.
    I have read several books and one especially left its mark on my mind, heart and soul. I do not remember the book title but Art was discussing his reaction to watching the preparation of chickens and the blood that was involved. The Holy Spirit has brought that passage to my mind several times as a reminder to how much my flesh does not want to die! I thank God for giving me that vivid truth and reflection when my flesh rears its selfish face. It is a reminder and choice to choose death in order to gain LIFE!

  7. God bless you all at BenIsrael.I discovered Art a few years ago when doing a study on prophets. His interview came up on the web. Art Katz? Where did I hear that name before? It was about 20 years earlier I heard a believer just mention his name and the Spirit quickened it to me.Since then I have listened to many of His messages over and over and read 2 of His books.They have had a profound influence on my approach to these “last days’. Also, I was blessed to see and hear Art speak at one of his last public speakings in Hammond,In. last year.I will never forget it.I admired so much his intergrity and the way which he conducted himself in his prophetic office.

  8. To all who are interested, it is my understanding that Peter Brock, a former member of the Ben Israel community, is due to publish a book on Katz soon.

    Keep an eye out for it.
    It is not a piece of fluff but a serious semi-biographical work.

  9. thank you all so very much for your awesome testimonies and how the Lord through Art had touched your lives in very profound and life changing ways.

    Keep those testimonies coming! It blesses my heart to read them and I know that it blesses the hearts of the families at Ben Israel! 🙂

  10. A memory: About 35 years ago I heard Art Katz speak at Church on the Way in Van Nuys CA. (Jack Hayford’s church). As he opened his remarks a young, tall and lanky Jewish man rose to his feet, donned a yarmulke, and pointed a pencil in his hand at Art warning him that he had strayed into heresy and calling on him to return to the true faith of his fathers. Then this young man turned and walked out. No argument ensued and Art only asked quietly that the congregation would pray for that young man whom he had met the day before at UCLA. I admired that young man’s courage, but more I thought: this is like things which happened in the book of Acts.

  11. I found Art Katz’s book “Apostolic Foundations” to be the most essential book on Christian experiance and living. As a pastor, I had the men who were working with me read it, and it impacted them as well.

    I was so hoping to eventually met Bro. Katz, but now I suppose we shall meet when we stand in the glory of the Lord.

    My heart goes with the family and friends who feel such keen emptiness, while still knowing he lives on with vigor beyond we ourselves!

  12. Conocimos a Art Katz en su visita a nuestro pais Chile, en la zona cordillerana de Pucon, fue realmente un tiempo glorioso, aun nos queda ese sabor de Shabat compartiendo un almuerzo enseñandonos el verdadero Shabat.
    Angeles deben haber recibido en una gloriosa fiesta a este siervo, que dejo huellas profundas en nuestras vidas

  13. i thank God for bro Art Katz a man who i never had the oppurtunity to meet, but i feel like i knew him. My father in the faith. Thankyou.
    I stumbled across some of his sermons on fireinthealtar.com about a year ago. The moment i heard him i knew this was a servant of God speaking what the Spirit was giving him to speak. This mans ministry has impacted my life more than anyone can know. It has taken me from a luke warm, self-righteous sunday christian, to a broken man who doesnt know anything but only wanting to know God. Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
    The Ben Israel family is blessed to have known and lived with this man.
    Praise God for bro Art Katz obedience. Godbless

  14. I first met Art in the Bay Area at my church, probably in about 1976 or so. I was part of the dance ministry in the church and had gone out to dance in that service. After the service he said to me, “Such dancing, such dancing, how did you learn to do it?” I answered, the Holy Spirit taught me. I didn’t tell him this, but I have flat feet, bad balance, scoliosis, and other things, what he saw was my dance to the Lord with my heart. I felt an instant kindred spirit with him.

    I had been crying out about the deception that had crept into our church and felt bound in my spirit, Art came again with Paul Volk and when he spoke – he hit the nail on the head. A big upheaval started and things were spoken against him that was untrue. He stood on the platform, like a lamb to the slaughter with his head down – willing to take any persecution. I cried out with joy and laughter, because through his word , the Lord took off the fetters that were binding my heart from the deception.

    Later I couldn’t go to church for many years and went into perhaps a dark night of the soul, but for many years his tapes sustained me. I wish I could have been able to go to his prophetic school.

    When I learned of his passing, I was at the library on the computer – this was so grievious to me because Art represented one who did not compromise in a church age of apostasy that grieves me so. Knowing this giant in faith was alive strenghthened me to walk, when I felt so low. I certainly wished I could have been a part of the community. This passing is a great loss to me.

  15. Aloha, Bula & Shalom..SHALOM,
    I just “disovered” a few minutes ago….!!! ALREADY… I so greatly miss my FRIEND, my Brother, … my fellow pilgrim. Rejoicing in the fact that I will see him AGAIN in our glorious reunion-graduation DAY, I will most definitely miss the essence of Adonai’s presence IN his life.

    Hashem’s strength & His shalom upon you ALL faithful talmids @ Beth Yisrael. The flame burns on…the torch will endure…the baton has been passed. My deepest and most sincere condolences to the immediate ohana (Hawai’ian: Family) and my most heart-felt CONGRATS to ART for having “fought the good fight…and completing the eternal race!”

  16. Hello Dear One’s,
    My name is Sissie and I am Art’s daughter. It was my husband’s graduation that you mentioned in your testimony. The child crawling all over is Art’s eleven year old grandaughter, Sarah.

    I spend many sleepless nights now, not able to stop thinking about Dad, worrying about how the minisitry that was his life will continue and looking for sites such as this, to let me see my Dad and understand more the man that he was and the impact he had on so many lives.

    I am an extremely blessed woman to have had this wondeful man as my father. You all knew him as a strong man of God, I knew him as my Papa, my Dad. You had the priviledge of knowing a side of him that I did not know and I had the priviledge of being his daughter.

    Thank you for your love and devotion to him. May his life continue to bless you and others.

    He is only a thought away….


  17. Hi Sissie!

    Yes, your daughter must of been 2 years old at the time–it’s amazing how time passes us swiftly.

    Well, my prayer for you is that you rest–to hold on to the beautiful memories but that the Lord would give peace to your heart.

    It’s funny how mankind tries to “contain” to put into a container a ministry that was only first initiated by the Lord Himself. I too wonder sometimes how the Lord might continue the ministry of Ben Israel without Art here with us–but then I remember the containers–and how it is impossible to contain the workings of God. I’m reminded of the verse that says inn John 3:8,
    The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” NKJV

    I’m sure I just took that verse out of context considering the entire passage–I guess what I am trying to say is that it’s all about letting the Lord do as He pleases and stepping back and watching it unfold. And it truly is hard–i struggle every day with stuff and it’s hard to just trust–to trust God…but it’s not impossible.

    You are a blessed woman-truly…Peter and I often think about your family and those that live there at Ben Israel–and we pray for God’s will to be done…for that is all that matters…His kingdom come–His will be done…on earth as it is in heaven.

    May you sleep well and have fond memories of man who was a wonderful father to you and your brothers, a loving husband to Inger, a close brother to many, a kind friend to us all, and blessed servant of the Lord.


  18. I was blessed to meet Art Katz in the spring of 1975. He was traveling from NY to Minnesota across the country from East to West on Highway 2. He had a passenger with him named Dana Allen and they were on there way to a piece of property in Northern Minnesota, when there car broke down for the second time and they were seelking mechanical help down the street from my home. As Art would tell it, he asked the mechanic: where does the nearest Pentecostal preacher lilve? The person pointed to my house. The rest is history. Our son Chris said: I think a Priest is coming to our house. Later we learned that the name Katz was related to the priestly tribe. Art came to the door and asked me: are you the pentecostal preacher, I said, no I:m just a brother; would you like to come in? He said, sure, and I have a friend with me. So they came in and Carolyn and I served them Ice Cream (Rocky Road) , Art’s favorite and the only kind we had.

    From this visit stemmed the meeting of Art and David Greenburg and Richard my brother. We visited Ben Israel Fellowship many times over many years and had the privilege of traveling with Art and being close friends with him and Inger and Family. A few years later I learned that my grandfather Stanley Hanna from Scotch Plains,NJ had supported Art with his Tithe to Art Katz in 1964 when he was with Jews for Jesus. My dad, Robert Hanna found a shoe box with cancelled checks written out to Art Katz, Jews for Jesus.
    Richard travelled with Art in 1987, and I was blessed to travel with him in 1976 to Odessa, Texas.

    So, with this short excerpt of life from our script , shows there is no conincidence with God., or is there? Two lives coinciding. ( Where 2 points meet and intersect) Also of note, we used to live in Plainfield, New Jersey and went to Sunday School at the Assemby of God church there. Dan and Joe Malachuk were my sunday school teachers back in the 1950’s and they picked me up in there 1939 Pachard on Sunday’s.

    I only share this to let you know that Art’s steps were ordered of the Lord. He was and is a true servant of God. We will miss our visits with him. Art called his meeting with us in Ashland Wisconsin , Providence, I call it a Divine Accident or shall we call it Divine Conicidence? And now you know (part of ) The Rest of the Story. Love to Inger & family Duncan Hanna

  19. I’m sure that the news of Artz’ death is devastating to all who knew him. I am young student and have listened to Katz’ messages for years and he has been an unparalleled inspiration. I envy all of you who knew him personally (as opposed to merely through electronic means). Thomas.

  20. I met Art at a meeting in Nürnberg, Germany, where he spoke about the burden of guilt on the German soul in regard to Israel. I’m English, but it brought a shaft of light into my heart. It was one of the very few messages I’ve ever heard in a church building that I remember. He was an uncompromising disciple and the sort of person of whom the Lord let none of his words fall to the ground. Thank you, Father for allowing us to have met or known him.

  21. A Eulogy of Praise

    While viewing “Jewish Voice Today” on television, one Sunday morning, more than a few years ago, I heard the voice of the Lord like I had never heard it before or since, through an earthen vessel known as Art Katz. In my opinion, for a brief divine moment, I heard a voice “out of the excellent glory.” For the first time in my spiritual experience I could say, in truth, I experienced a manifest “token reality” of the apostle Paul’s words when he said, “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us” (II Corinthians 4:7).

    That day, I heard a powerful and compelling voice, not of man, but of God! Blessed be His excellent manifested glory! And no man can stop me from this boasting concerning that moment in time and history. God knows whether I speak the truth or I am being deceitfully sensational!

    The host of “Jewish Voice Today,” Jonathan Bernis, was interviewing an ordinary man, who was responding, to my “hearing” in an extra ordinary way while discussing a recent book of his entitled, Apostolic Foundations and other significant issues concerning Israel and the Church.

    The interview apprehended my attention like no other television ministry had before or since. It was not just the words coming out of Art Katz’s mouth but his very voice was seasoned with a glorious grace that still resonates within my spirit and soul to this day. I knew I had to meet this man and I did one night in Baldwin, Michigan with a few other saints and souls who shared a common meal together eagerly awaiting brother Katz’s arrival which had been delayed. As I was about to lose all hope of ever meeting him that night, because I had to travel back to Pontiac, Michigan in order to be at work the next morning at 6:00 AM suddenly in walks this “modern day apostle Paul,” to use Jonathan Bernis words from the television program.

    Art Katz may not have been an apostle to others, but, he certainly was a “sent one” to me.

    While we all set staring at him while he ate, hoping to receive some glorious wisdom out of his mouth I will never forget the moment he asked me what drew me to this hour of our meeting/meating and I gave him the same testimony that I am now giving you, the reader. I told him, “It was something about your voice that drew me to this moment.” He asked me to give a brief testimony about myself and I did and before I left he insisted that we salute one another with a “holy hug” and we did. My faith tells me a measure of his grace was imparted into my spirit that night. God knows!

    I was honored and blessed to present him with a framed poem I had composed more than twenty years ago entitled, “Peace Be To This House,” now that the earthly house of his tabernacle has been dissolved I know, by faith, that he is resting in peace awaiting the day when he, along with us all, will be clothed with our “mansion” (i.e. our eternal heavenly building) from Heaven when the Lord comes “to be glorified in His saints and to be admired among all those who believe,” His as it is written:

    For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. (II Corinthians 5:1)

  22. I knew Art thru his audio messages and books and website, but had the opportunity to meet him personally when he was in Manila and Cebu City, Philippines back in 2001, a few month before the 911 tragedy.
    As many people know, Art had his “rough edges” at times and seemed when we were together to be either very occupied, somewhat aloof, … or (at other times) warm, open, and friendly. Above all: HE WAS TOTALLY FOCUSED ON BRINGING FORTH THE WORD The LORD had for him to give, both to individuals and groups. You always sensed that Art was very much aware of the urgency of the hour and the need for the remnant church to come alive and to be aware of her vital destiny in ministering to the remnant of Israel in the soon coming trials and tribulations of Jacob’s Trouble.

    Art and I exchanged a number of emails over the course of several years, … and we reached an understanding about the need to be a little more gracious, at times, in deaing with people on a personal level. – but certainly we can ALL learn that great lesson of properly balancing TRUTH with mercy, warmth, and grace.

    I miss Art, along with so many others who benefited from his ministry and great dedication to the LORD’s calling and prophetic word. May his anointing continue to resound around the world TO AWAKEN A SLEEPING CHURCH to repentance and righteousness!

    Shalom in Sar Shalom Yeshua to all his family & friends.

    * Psalm 94 *
    * Jeremiah 9:23-26 *

  23. Dear all, dear Amy,

    I met Art in Warsaw in the winter of 2001 after we traveled with train from Sofia through Budapest with my wife to meet the man who already at that time meant so much to me. In fact I was exposed to the sword coming out of the mouth of that man in 2000 in France when I accidentaly came accross a link in a Canadian christian site to the then benisrael.org – I was first stunned to see there all the things I intuited during the years articulated in such a powerful and meaningful way. I was amazed, convicted, freed, and called. We exchanged mails with Art and in 2001 we met in Warsaw, Poland. Later that year we published in Bulgarian The Holocaust – Where was God?, then I met him again in Pogradec, Albania in 2002 and later that year he came to Sofia, Bulgaria on a visit I organized together with our small home church. It was a memorable event I count describe in details but as you all share unusual and first-hand accounts of the man then I’ll share one too. My wife cooks very well and she had done a nice cake. After his afternoon nap Art came into the kitchen and asked the brother who was accompanying him “Where’s the cake we ate this morning?”, “There’s no more of it, I ate the last part”, “You ate the last part?” asked Art with a semi-serious tone, “I ate the last part” said the brother in his typical British accent, Art just shaked his head as if he was saying “talk about audacity” – we all laughed…
    in 2002 we published True Fellowship, then Chosen People – chosen for what? and Israel and the Time of Jacob’s trouble.
    I saw him last in 2006 in Karlsruhe, Germany. His legacy is yet to be weighed by the Church. His voice was a voice of authenticity few of us are ready to bear. And yet how unaffected he was, how unceremonial… I miss him…

  24. I had the privilege of meating Art Katz when he came to minister at the tiny church we attended in Marktbergel, Germany in October1996. He spent a weekend preaching about the history of the church, his Jewish roots, and that there will be a time of Jacob’s trouble again. He led our congregation in a prayer that forever changed my walk with the Lord: that we as Germans and Americans alike would never forget our Jewish brothers and sisters and give them refuge when the times comes. That prayer planted a seed in me and shortly after I found myself studying the Feasts, singing Jewish Praise and Worship and discovered a love for Israel and her people that I never had before.
    I believe that each Christian will eventually (have to) come to a love for Israel. Mine came through Art and I am forever grateful.
    Art baptized a young German lady that Sunday morning. This young woman of God was leaving for her year long missionary trip on board the ship Anastasia around Africa delivering medical supplies and care to countless needy people. Art shared about his journey on the same boat many years before and that was a wonderful GOD moment for our comgregation.
    Our paths never crossed again, but I always remember him and the impact he had on me.
    I know you, as his family made great sacrifices. Thank you all for sharing him.
    God Bless
    Sabine Johnson<

  25. Fantastic goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely great. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a tremendous web site.

  26. After reading a copy of the Apostolic Foundations I sent Art and email and was surprised to recieve a reply from him. He said :you being a Chinese where did you learn to write such good English.

    I sent him another email, this one was not replied and then I heard of his passing. I recieved an email from his wife a few years ago. what a man. What a jew.

  27. I just found this website. Often I am near tears when listening to Art Katz’s sermons. I never knew of him when he was alive, but even after his death, his sermons and humility and honesty in dividing the word of God rightly, has impacted me more than anything else since my conversion 30 some years ago. i was thrilled to find this site, since I kind of feel so all alone, and sometimes I am just bursting at the seams wanting to share with someone how much the beauty of the reality of God is, and how far off of that reality, the “professing church” has become. He has imparted to me a reality in God which is scriptural and powerful, and intended by God. He also was the voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Make straight the way of the Lord.” For He is coming soon, and Art’s ministry was to prepare us to truly walk with our God. I can’t even put it into words. But I thank you for this site, and to know that others hearts and lives have also been moved by this man’s strict adherence to the Holy Writ, and the heart of God I wish I could explain all that these truths have done in changing me and helping me to see the truth and depth of God’s calling rather than the superficiality of the modern church’s treatment of God. (Of which I have also been guilty), which is why I am so grateful for his teachings.

  28. Wow, I am amazed at all those touched by Art Katz! I just met him via some DVD’s made by a friend when he spoke here ten years ago… It’s like, why LORD did I miss this man when he was alive????? He spoke truth, embroidered with such wonderful words. He was a Wordsmith!!! I can’t believe the LORD didn’t introduce me to him until now, December of 2011!!! Oh well, we know that all those in Christ Jesus live forever and we will all be at the feet of Jesus together. Thank you LORD, for your servant Art Katz, his uncompromising message and for leaving messages and books for us and for waking me up from slumber!!!!!.

  29. Well, Art’s vision lives on in our hearts. God’s plan for the future. He is greatly missed. Sometimes when I am walking around this part of the farm I stop and rest at his gravesite. There is a little bench there. Once in awhile I make a comment about things here. To let him know that all of his years and tears were not in vain. I lived here at Ben Israel for ten years back in the seventies. This time I have only been here for three years.
    We still feel and share as Art did – the Truth. No compromise with the world. He warned us well, do not forget the CROSSl We know it is a great responsibility to be ready for the time of Jacob’s trouble, and all that that may involve. People are still being helped and blessed by Art’s tapes and books. What a blessing. Shalom. My husband is also Art, and in his late seventies. I just passed the 81 year mark a couple of months ago.
    If you care to know what is going on here now, go to the link of benisrael.org and click on ‘newsletter’. It has just been posted! Glory, Glory Halleujah. HIS TRUTH is marching on. JESUS is the TRUTH.
    mary beebe

  30. I don’t think any one individual was as affected my life and ministry as Art Katz has. I miss him greatly. As an Elder in an African American Pentecostal church in Southern California I’ve been challenged by Art’s messages time and time again to stand for righteousness, holiness, truth, Israel and the Jewish people.

    Art was a true prophet of the Lord and I continually refer back to his writings whenever I sense the fire of God losing it’s intensity in my soul.

    I thank God for the ministry of Art katz and the day I was introduced to his writing by a precious sister in the Lord. That Book was the Spirit of Truth.

    I think I’ve read all of Art’s books and I own several of his tape series. My favorite books by Art are: Apostolic Foundations, The Spirit of Truth, The Spirit of Prophesy, and Apostolic conversion.

    If you desire to live utterly for Christ and His glory. I highly recommend the writings and teachings of Art Katz. If you desire to keep your life and ministry pure……listen to this prophet of God.

  31. A word of comfort

    “I will take the cup of salvation, and will call on the name of the Lord.” You may have troubles, but you will never have punishment; you may know affliction, but you shall never know wrath; you may go to the grave, but you shall never go to hell; you shall descend into the regions of the dead, but never into the regions of the damned; the Evil One may bruise your heel, but he shall never break your head; you may be in prison under doubts, but you shall never be in prison under condemnation. “He will no more carry thee away into captivity.” Thy punishment is all accomplished on another. Thou art free to-day; come thou forth out from the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage. Sing unto the Lord for he hath triumphed gloriously, and brought out his people, and delivered them with his own right hand!

    (Charles Spurgeon) http://www.spurgeon.org/sermons/0480.htm

  32. I too have been blessed by Art’s divine speakings. His words were and is straight from the throne of God. I asked God to teach me about the apostolic and the prophetic and God led me to Art. Now because of his teachings I have spoken to friends and family members about the truth of God’s words and now I’m hated for it. My life is transformed by the word of God through Art. Forsaking it all and living in the sovereignty of God. Making Him my life, denying the flesh of any worldly gratification. My seeing has changed, seeing what is invisible. The powers of the air are defeated in my life. They have nothing in me. I now live a holy and separated life. I’ve been sifted and still being sifted of anything that tries to take the place of Messiah. He who is born of God does not commit sin. Whatever you obey you are a slave to it. I’m free from the power of sin. I thought it could never be possible, but it is possible not to sin. I have been resurrected and now the life that I live in the flesh is His life through this empty vessel. So many thank God for Art and his obedience to the Messiah.

  33. There IS a resurrection from the dead. There IS a new life that comes after death. But only when you become completely dead and imitate the Masters death on the cross will you be resurrected and have a new life. A life that hates sin like He hates it. Not just in words but in deed. The old man dies and the new man in Him becomes real. HalleluYah!!

  34. Thank you for this site. I’m always reading and looking for Art Katz items also to read. Too long of a story but Leonard Ravenhill (who discovered 1st) and Art Katz set me on the very straight and narrow which truly appreciate these two Holiness Men and we have so few like. My friend years ago sent me Katz’s written works: Apostolic Foundations, Prophetic Call, Spirit of Prophecy, other items. Just found Reality, Hope of Glory (believe TIMING IS EVERYTHING due to written under Aaron Katz). Words can’t express HOW GRATEFUL I am for Art Katz and his Ministry and being true/faithful to his call. Back in the Day when Art was alive he had so many wonderful articles on his site and Simon was wonderful to oversee. Just discovered “True Fellowship” and reading that. Then had people share could see these men on sermonindex.org/fireonthealtar.org. Even though listened to a message by someone else called: “Wounded and Betrayed Believers are Useful to God” by G.Cooke. IF, it weren’t for Art Katz/Leonard Ravenhill would probably be going to hell over former very evil pastor/denomination that was very corrupt and these men got me back to Matthew 7:13-14. Given out so many of his books to those who are hungry/thirsty for TRUTH. So many of them didn’t know about him. Appreciate ALL his articles especially about the one on Hell that was transcribed. These two men’s gifts/callings is what a true church should look like. Art writes under the unction, conviction, anointing. Appreciate the Holiness, Righteousness, Repentance, Humility, Prayer, Fear of the Lord, that Art Katz (as well as Leonard Ravenhill) wrote and spoke. Amazing when give out a book of Art Katz, the person tells me how he impacted their life and or met=divine appointments. Appreciated Peter Brock sharing with me how he found a message in the Tape Player. These Men were like drinks of thirsty water in a VERY dry Desert=Oasis of what true church/fellowship should look like. These men talked and wrote about the Apostolic/Prophetic Calls like no other.
    Was so tired of the false church with it’s wolves, hirelings, false shepherds and Charlatans and then along came Art Katz and Leonard Ravenhill (1-27-1991 Anaheim, CA message is now posted=”End Times”) and as former homeless prophet Perry said after reading Apostolic Foundations that “Art blows the hell out of the church”! About time someone does. LOVE MEN who OFFEND our hearts/minds to keep us on that straight and narrow path and Holiness.

  35. I remember Art well from our public meetings that we assisted him with here in Cebu, Philippines back in the Spring of 2001. He was always challenging and worth listening to carefully whether in conversation or in public speaking or interviews. He was a true prophet to both Israel and the Church. I’m sure he entered THE ETERNAL KINGDOM with great reward.
    Let us all press on into the fullness of The Kingdom of Yeshuah Messiah and The Father, YahOvah-Yah ahvah.

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