a morning morsel…

I read a simple yet deep statement from Spurgeon this morning… God gave us His Word for our sake not for His… His purposes are settled, and He needs nothing to bind Him to His design of doing His people good; but He gives the promise for our strengthening and comfort. Hence He wishes us to plead it and say to Him, “Thou saidst.”

So with that stated… a promise arises to keep us from fearing the worst in any circumstance…With this promise in our hearts we need not fear angry Esau or anyone else. If the LORD will do us good, who can do us hurt?

God said it–case closed. The question for us is… do we trust His Word enough to believe it? God will always use the bad for good to glorify Himself in it. We need not fear.

A small morsel yet truly hard to swallow.


One thought on “a morning morsel…

  1. God said it-case closed. Oh Amy if we could all just grasp that one statement believe it and set out at all cost to know exactly what God has said.
    Reminds me of Abraham when he started up the mountain with Isaac. He had a promise and the promise kept him headed upward believing in God’s provision alone.
    He stated to those he left behind WE will return and yet he knew what he was going to do…and then his flesh (Isaac) spoke to him “Father I see everything but the sacrifice………Abraham must have wanted to melt in a sea of doubt tossed by the compassion and love for his own but he passed the test right there when he said “Son God will provide”.
    He spoke the word with promise but yet he had to act upon the faith of the word by drawing back the knife…………it wasn’t until he acted in faith that he heard the new sound of provision.
    Fear can certainly make us want to turn back but faith pushes us onward………………..
    “A small morsel yet truly hard to swallow” makes me recall that “you are what you eat” and with difficultly sometimes we reluctantly sit at a table prepared in the presence of our enemies……….I believe that’s why everytime we sit down at a table we should just bow our heads so as not to be confused by what we see……..now if I could just shut out what I hear ……and just trust who I know………

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