righteous desires vs. human desires

desiresI just love it when things that I read in the Bible suddenly make sense. I always thought that God will grant all the desires of my heart which is pretty bold to say the least. However what I never considered was Proverbs 10:24. It doesn’t say, the desires of mankind shall be granted, but says–the desires of the righteous shall be granted. But why?? So before I read Charles Spurgeon this morning, I just thought that it implied a righteous person–someone who knows Jesus–I never considered that my flesh wars with His Spirit in my desires as well until this morning… take a read for yourself…

Desires of Righteous Granted
by Charles Spurgeon

“The desires of the righteous shall be granted” (Proverbs 10:24).

Because it is a righteous desire it is safe for God to grant it. It would be neither good for the man himself, nor for society at large, that such a promise should be made to the unrighteous. Let us keep the LORD’s commands, and He will rightfully have respect to our desires.

When righteous men are left to desire unrighteous desires, they will not be granted to them. But then these are not their real desires; they are their wanderings or blunders, and it is well that they should be refused. Their gracious desires shall come before the LORD, and He will not say them nay.

Does the LORD deny us our requests for a time? Let the promise for today encourage us to ask again. Has He denied us altogether? We will thank Him still, for it always was our desire that He should deny us if He judged a denial to be best.

As to some things, we ask very boldly. Our chief desires are for holiness, usefulness, likeness to Christ, preparedness for heaven. These are the desires of grace rather than of nature — the desires of the righteous man rather than of the mere man. God will not stint us in these things but will do for us exceeding abundantly. “Delight thy self also in the LORD, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” This day, my soul, ask largely!

What incredible insight Spurgeon gives to this passage! And now I can be at peace knowing full well that if my desires are righteous they will be granted abundantly–but if they are unrighteous He will protect His Spirit within me from harm to my soul. amen! so be it!


2 thoughts on “righteous desires vs. human desires

  1. This reminds me of the idea that if you live a righteous life, your needs will be satisfied. Notice that it says “needs” not wants.

    Our needs are really very small. Our wants are very large. I suspect that for the truly righteous, needs and wants are the same thing.

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