Hyssop or Thorns?

by George Warnock
“the Hyssop always relates to sacrifice… and therefore to humility, weakness and contrition of heart.”

it grows in dry places, out in the full sun. It is particularly suited to a rockery, and this may be inferred in the statement that it “springeth out of the wall”–perhaps a terraced rock wall. It is low-growing, up to about 2 feet. It is native to Egypt. It has strong wiry stems, with bunches of flowers and leaves. Produces small bluish-purple flowers, and has a sweet fragrance. It is a bitter herb, belonging to the mint family, and was once used for medicinal purposes. It seemed to grow plentifully in Egypt, for on the Passover night it was readily obtainable to every Israelitish family, who would use it for the sprinkling of the blood. It was used for various sacrificial purposes in the Levitical order, and therefore must have grown extensively in the wilderness also. It is always associated with “sacrifice”… so that even at Calvary, when the supreme Sacrifice was being offered, mention is again made of the lowly “hyssop.”

True greatness reveals itself in areas of meekness, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. The world considers a meek man to be a weak man. But God considers the meek to be strong. They shall inherit the earth; because in their meekness and weakness, their confidence is not in themselves but in Another.

“Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it” (Matthew 16:24, 25).

Now here is hyssop as it relates to me and you who desire Christ to be Lord…
I grow in a dry place.
I need the light of Christ to grow.
I grow in humility.
I grow in hard places.
I grow in the wilderness.
I am lowly.
In Christ I have a sweet fragrance.
His Truth in me brings healing to the nations.

How do you grow?

I can certainly say that while my confession states the above– this list is actually something that I desire to become. Because as of today I can say this about the list…
I don’t like dry places…it makes me crack under pressure.
I need His light but need lots of water too because I am thirsty.
I’m not very good at humility and probably fake it lots of times.
I don’t do very well under pressure so I often wonder if I’ve grown.
The wilderness has been hard–but I am slowly–really slowly learning to trust God.
I consider myself to be more proudful than lowly–and I don’t like that I am.
God, do I have a sweet fragrance? My behavior often tells me that I stink.
I do desire more of His Truth–I so desire to make a difference across the world.


3 thoughts on “Hyssop or Thorns?

  1. Hey Amy this was great. God must be moving on us in similar ways. I’ve been studying flax…….along with righteousness and The Song of Solomon for my Sunday School class I teach….
    Dry places
    hard places
    the wilderness….my prayer for you today Amy is that you emerge from the wilderness “leaning on your Beloved”….Strong women learning to lean! Dependent by command…independent in choice to serve the ONE who teaches us to grow….among thorns of life yes, in the valley of death as lilies yes…we die daily, we are pricked daily…but this present suffering can in no way compare for the Glory that is in store…..for those Waiting Upon the Lord.

  2. oh- sweet D. Thank you– how kind you truly are. It’s interesting because lately, I just don’t have anything to write about or pour out– I sincerely feel like there are just not enough hours in the day and by the time I get home from work– I just want to be a zombie and do nothing-i know it’s terrible. This morning I was actually perusing through and reminiscing in my old writings and studies and stumbled across this and decided to post it. I am glad it blessed your heart. I think it has actually been a few years since I really studied something in God’s Word–I am truly dry. I wonder if there is any life hidden under this brittle bark I have become. Am I completely dead? Or am I being prepared for the next season of flourishing and heavennly fruit from His hand…? and yet I hear distantly… “wait and see”

  3. Except a seed fall into the ground and die it cannot live….one can plant, one can water, God will bring the harvest in your life I can see the early sprigs of life now…….you have it right at the end…those who Wait upon the Lord….will mount up and be strengthened.

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