shipwrecked for life

You ever feel like that?? Completely shipwrecked–can’t ever go back–just stuck. Hopeless. Without life. Without void. Pretty bad, huh? But seriously, you ever feel like that? That’s about the speed that I am at right at this moment…completely shipwrecked and wondering why the heck am I here. What’s my purpose for being on this God-forsaken earth. Does He really give a rip?

You ever try to make yourself look really good to be liked by others? Well I’m raising my hand. Come on, you know you probably walk the walk, and talk the talk like everyone else. So why do we do stuff like that? What is so important about be liked anyway by others?

You ever feel like the mire gets higher and the sea becomes wider? That’s how I feel today. shipwrecked and hopeless… can’t hear Him. He’s been silent for months. So what’s the point anyway?

I hear the waves crashing up on the old battered wood of this corroding ship of life. But I got to get up early and put make up on my face and smile–put on a show for the world. Let them think what they want. I pretend that all is well and yet I am shipwrecked for life.

No scripture can change…it’s all just knowledge anyway…and knowledge corrodes this heart of mine.

numb, tired, despondent, hopeless…just a wave tossed upon the shore with no where else to go but disintegrate into the oblivion of the mass of sand that surrounds me.

a troubled soul, a cold spirit, and a fake smile–shipwrecked…that’s me


4 thoughts on “shipwrecked for life

  1. Yep been there felt that! It’s normal and expected. It’s also timely and a good thing. You have prepared for this moment no one speaks during the test….now is the time to develop you “hind feet” the strong foundation that your faith it built upon cannot be blown apart by a mere storm. Storms smooth out the rough places on the rocks even to the breaking them down into sand……..but the sand is not shifting and the irritation you feel is common…don’t try to hang on, pleasing men…..just let go and rest…..if the boat has broken open that you may find life then your title is correct you are shipwrecked for life…..Thank God someone isn’t afraid to cast their cares……….I speak to you only Peace………..the kind of Truth you don’t have to understand like knowledge….not the letter of scripture but the Word of Truth…you’ve lightened the load here with your words….like throwing over 4 very large anchors…numb, tired, despondent, hopeless………nothing new…take a look at Acts 27 and let’s talk about that ship prisoners get into the ship of Adramyttium meaning “I shall abide in death”….you are shipwrecked for LIFE…..

  2. Good word, D.S. Amy, that is a great place to be because we are so accustomed to the religious mandates of “doing.” We have been called to “being.” Being found in Him! Do not fret, my sister, only keep listening to His voice and follow! Maranatha!

  3. Donna– such timeliness to what you pen. Thank youu–i am forever thankful. It’s my desire to not be “tossed” about in my faith–but glide in the heights within the storms of life. It’s amazing how I try so hard to just hang on–even by a thread and dig my heels deep in the sands. Amen! I love what you wote at the end. I looked at the chapter and didn’t receive the revelation of what you wrote until just a few minute ago– powerful. The words Jesus gives you really pack a good punch–enough to bring one to humility with eyes wide open. That’s my desire–to be shipwrecked for life– His life in me.

    Hey Ben! Thanks too for your constant encouragements. Yes, many religiious mandates make Martha a tired woman. But Mary has chosen the most excellent way–to sit at His feet and listen. I must get there–to be listening intently as Mary–even if all I hear is the music of the waves as they roll upon the shore.

    thank you both for your kindnesses and reaching out in my sour hour.

  4. All Praise, Glory, Honor and Thanksgiving be unto God OUR FATHER who is FAITHFUL, WILLING AND ABLE….May His Saving Grace always be the Anchor of your soul Amy for you are the Beloved’s and He is Yours. As always I make mention of you in my prayers….it won’t be long until we meet…AT HIS FEET! For now just know that while I cannot be with you in body His Spirit within us make us Sisters…….Forever in His service!

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