When was Jesus born?

Recently I have noticed on CNN that the buzz word “Christianity” seems to be a “hot” topic on the burner. Interesting how the season does that to the world. The media seems to have a hodge podge of christian info floating around–from Jay Bakker to What did Jesus look like.

So for the sake of the Truth–I thought it important to share the real Truth about Christmas and when Jesus was really born. So do you think we should change the celebration of His birth to October?

It seems right now we celebrate Him being conceived–which of course is valid in itself. So the next time you hang lights on your house– think of the Festival of Lights and the divine conception of Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “When was Jesus born?

  1. You can’t do that because it will drive everyone nuts. Sweetest Day is October 20th, or something or another, and Halloween runs on the 31st. If you make Christmas on the 25th, people won’t have time or the money to buy Christmas presents on top of Halloween costumes, et al, and they’ll probably be hard pressed to not spend money on Sweetest Day. And how are the parents going to explain Santa driving a sleigh, which should be driven on snow, let alone on the ground and not on rooftops? I think changing the holidays would be too chaotic.

    But really, I think the most important question to answer is why Jesus was born, not when.

  2. Long time no see or hear. I was beginning to think Merlin had (*poof*) disappeared for good. Thanks for the insightful comment. You are right–why Jesus was born is of greater eternal value than when. But I must admit, it is quite interesting to know how greatly Constantine really messed up our calendar.

    May the Lord bless you and yours bro.

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