the Master’s butterfly, part one

caterpillarHe made all things—and each portion of His creation is intertwined with the plan of salvation. Consider the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Is it not comparable to a believer’s life? Or the simple word of caterpillar—take the word apart and it becomes cater and pillar which defined separately means to supply what is needed for some activity or purpose therefore causing one to keep from yielding or failing during stress or difficulty. The entire life of a caterpillar is spent on eating.

Caterpillars have rightly been called eating machines. They eat leaves voraciously, shed their skins generally four or five times, and eventually pupate into an adult form. We as believers must eat and eat and eat and rightly divide the Word of Truth [the Spirit of Truth] so that we too will not fail during difficulty or times of suffering. For this is the oil that the virgins sought to buy for their lamps spoken of in Matthew. No anointing will last without it first being lathered in the Word of God.

Picture a believer consuming the Word of God continually as a caterpillar. And now imagine this as it relates to the growth of your spiritual life…

Farmers become angry at the caterpillar because it is destroying its crop to sustain natural life on earth. So too the world becomes angry at the believer because it is destroying his/her carnal life as the believer fills himself with the Word of God.


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