sipping a latte today

So here I am sitting in a great coffee shop sipping an almond latte (my favorite) and looking around at all the unique people walking through the door–ordering their coffee, finding a place to sit, and conversing with their pals. Nothing out of the ordinary going on– hubby sits next to me reading “The Lord Our Righteousness” by Obadiah Grew (a highly recommended book). Occasionally I look over and read a sentence or two and ponder. I sit and ponder in peace–this day is full of content and I am thankful–to just sit and ponder God’s goodness and sovereignty.

Just as I am reflecting, a young woman in tears walks by us and sits down at the table next to us then turns to hide her face as she weeps. My heart sinks inside to see her in tears. I am sure all of us at one point in our life have been upset about something and been teary eyed in public. Let me ask you this question–did anyone ever approach you and ask if they could pray for you or offer any encouragement? From my own experience since I tend to be on the more sensitive side–there have been many times in my life where I have been teary eyed about something and felt pretty invisible to the rest of the world. Here is my theory–if you are bold enough to show your face in public with tears then most likely deep down you are crying out for encouragement and comfort from others and yes, even strangers. But isn’t it interesting how all of us can get so caught up in our own life, agenda’s, etc and forget to reach out to those that are in need–even if it’s just a smile–it’s amazing how even a smile brings the weary heart comfort.

Well here’s the rest of the story…
I contemplated whether or not it would be wise to approach this person and offer a word of encouragement. But what could I say–and she was with her fiance’ –so they could be fighting or something–and I definitely don’t want to meddle. By this time I was being prompted by the Holy Spirit to go to their table. It was like I literally had ants in my pants. My husband began to pick up on my cues of uneasiness and stopped reading and asked if everything was ok–I simply replied, “I have to go do something.” He smiled and then continued reading. 

I finally got enough nerve to walk over to their table and asked the young woman if there was anything that my husband and I could pray for her about today. She then began to share her fears and cry more–I was amazed at what I heard–it literally shocked me to hear something so simple have such impact to shake an individual. But what was even more profound was what Jesus was showing me–He cares about all the tiny details about us–even our senior recitals. We ended up having a short unique conversation and I shared that we would be thoughtful of her the rest of the day. It was literally impossible for me to offer any sort of encouragement and I hoped that offering a prayer on her behalf would be enough. My only hope is that for that couple Jesus made Himself very real to them through a senior recital.

It’s so easy to think about the deep things and the complexity of issues that seek to complicate life–but what of the ones that struggle from day to day with simple fears and simple issues that matter to Jesus just as much as the complex issues of the world. He favors not one and loves all that each of us may find Him right where we are at.


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