duck, duck…duck, duck…goose!

cafe faithI recently have been visiting Study Light. There is some great devotional and study material at that site. I have read a lot of Andrew Murray stuff in the past but this morning I read something that hit home in my heart…

I did not understand that the secret of faith is this: There can be only as much faith as there is of the living Word dwelling in the soul.” -Andrew Murray

It’s a ponderment when one asks “what is faith”. How does one obtain faith–how does one combat unbelief? Here’s an easy way out…say this, “well you have to take every thought captive”.  Oh and that is so easy right? not!

If you have no foundation to take those thoughts captive then you will be unsuccessful every single time no matter how many times your told–“just take every thought captive”…or here’s one–“just pray about it”. How can one pray about something when you are first in no place to pray. And if there is first no foundation…prayer is out of the question…right? It’s impossbile! So then where does the foundation come from? How does one obtain a foundation that will assist in the battlements of unbelief?

I only speak of my own experience. Have you ever heard the saying “feed your faith and your doubt will starve to death”? This is a true saying–but what if you don’t know how to feed your faith–what makes faith grow?

I guess the reason why this hit home this morning is because I am one of the bible college graduates that could be “ordained” if I wanted too–no thank you–and has a head full of knowledge but a heart full of stone. I have so much knowledge stored up in my head that it actually has caused me to run the other direction from Jesus, religion, church…and whatever else. Okay so I admit– I have some bitter areas that are being worked out…don’t we all?

So in the process of my running I have picked up the nasty “unbelief” in my heart–it pervades my soul–daily…I fight but to no avail…it has overtaken me…literally. It has caused havoc in all parts of my life including my marriage.

This morning when I read that small sentence from Andrew Murray–it hit me like a ton of bricks or ducks. duh!–my faith is only as strong as the living Word is within my soul. Ouch! ouch! And I am so guilty of not spending adequate time with Jesus. ouch! I am not talking about needing to do to get–no no. Jesus is free–He doesn’t cost anything–however if we want our faith to grow–it will cost us our entire life. It’s all about “being”– never doing–but we must do something and that is drink His living Word. Let me put it this way…

In order to live this life we were created to eat–we must eat food and especially drink water if we are to live and grow. And usually all things that are natural also apply to the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus–so in order for me to survive in the spirit (because now that i am a believer I wrestle not with flesh and blood–but bigger things–things that desire my soul to be damned in hell–that is principailty’s and powers)–once I accept Christ–I must eat the living Word for my spirit to survive, grow and so the Holy Spirit becomes strong in my heart. Easy, right? no…even a bible college graduate struggles–it’s hard…but it’s a start to the finish line.

But know that it is never mechanical–never a doing to get–it is a relationship…something that all of us need…He has put eternity in our hearts. Each of us are looking to be loved…for a companion who will hear our heart’s cry–and the only true Companion that will fill that empty void is Jesus. He stands at the door of your heart knocking–won’t you invite Him in? It’s the first step to obtaining faith.

If you desire to read more about this– you can find it in this chapter from Andrew Murray’s book… chapter 22. The book is called With Christ in the School of Prayer.


2 thoughts on “duck, duck…duck, duck…goose!

  1. Hi Amy & Peter! Sounds great to me! Who is the Living Word? Notice we don’t find the word Bible anywhere metioned in the New Testament? Hmmmm? Maranatha!
    ben \o/

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