habits in 21 days don’t make you devoted

devotedI like what Spurgeon says about Psalms 5…

“Let us cultivate the spirit of prayer which is even better than the habit of prayer.”

I recently have become “franklinized” as some might say–others might use a “DayTimer”–but I use the Franklin. And one of the requirements is to use it for 21 days–because they say you develop a habit after 21 days. So my 21 day period is up and now I am “franklinized” which has helped greatly with my work load. During this process I thought if it would work in reading the Word–read the Word for 21 days and it will become a habit–does that sound like a marketing ploy or what?

But I realized the result of it would be in vain–for it shall be a habit without the life and presence of Jesus in and through it. It will be full of me and “look what I have accomplished” and not from the deep indwellings of my heart. It will end swiftly and knowledge will take precedence over my first love.

For having a devotion Jesus is making Him my life–not just a devotion…it does not stop and it does not begin–it just is–day by day–moment by moment–to live and breathe Him as I rise in the morning, as I drive to work, as I put the skills He has given me in practice, as I speak with others, as I ponder throughout the day, as I drive home, as I cook dinner, as I speak with my husband, as I rest my head to sleep. He must consume me…my life is nothing without Him.

There may be seeming prayer where there is little devotion. We should begin to pray before we kneel down, and we should not cease when we rise up.

Do we not miss very much of the sweetness and efficacy of prayer by a want of careful meditation before it, and of hopeful expectation after it? We too often rush into the presence of God without forethought or humility. We are like men who present themselves before a king without a petition, and what wonder is it that we often miss the end of prayer? We should be careful to keep the stream of meditation always running; for this is the water to drive the mill of prayer. It is idle to pull up the flood-gates of a dry brook, and then hope to see the wheel revolve. Prayer without fervency is like hunting with a dead dog, and prayer without preparation is hawking with a blind falcon. Prayer is the work of the Holy Spirit, but he works by means. God made man, but he used the dust of the earth as a material: the Holy Ghost is the author of prayer, but he employs the thoughts of a fervent soul as the gold with which to fashion the vessel. Let not our prayers and praises be the flashes of a hot and hasty brain, but the steady burning of a well-kindled fire.


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