Greetings…as this blog evolves, my prayer is that the church too will evolve from its place of latentcy into a beautifully adorned Bride.



2 thoughts on “evolution

  1. I personally like the home church setting.
    Our home group is called a “Life Group”. Our purposes are to “do” life together, to fellowship, sup, pray, study, exhort, encourage,serve, love, love, love. 🙂
    We meet in a large assembly on Sundays, but it is in the small group setting that we find needs being met.

    Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you Laurie for responding. 🙂

    My post may of been a little misunderstood–there is nothing wrong with a house church–rather it is what is emerging out from it that poses a concern. Rather than being the “in” thing to do–what makes us different from the world that will cause the world to quake in the presence of believers. Is my personal life with Jesus causing a shake in the kingdom of God–or am I just another life aimlessly moving from year to year without ever making a difference or impact for His kingdom. It seems you have a wonderful community of believers to share with–that is truly a blessing… bless you sister.

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