the 11th hour…

During this time of being laid off, the Lord has been teaching me the importance of waiting on Him and trusting in Him for all. It seems the theme has been “the 11th hour” throughout these days of patient waiting for the job He desires me to have. For it has been the 11th hour when He has provided for our needs…His timing is perfect and yet teaches trust.

So now I must share that at the 99th day of being laid off I received a call— I GOT A JOB!!! I am so very happy! What is unique throughout this whole process is that though I applied for many jobs– I only received– 1 interview– He opened only 1 door– it is the door He desires that I walk through…amen. Thanks to all my java friends who prayed for us.


2 thoughts on “the 11th hour…

  1. Great is the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Praise God for His goodness endures ..forever …and is all around us who wait upon Him and look to His purposes. As the tree producing white flowers in season may you also produce great fragrance from heaven to those you now serve willingly. Blessings and peace to you sis. Is Great His faithfulness unto us.

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