creativity at it’s best

The other day I became a paint junkie. I got tired of looking at cream colored walls and got the “bug” to paint the kitchen. And there was an awesome sale on paint at the store. I could not pass it up–the walls needed a major makeover! Well this is where the disaster began.

When you think of the color “amaretto”–what do you see? Well I see like a muted burgandy. So I went to the store to explore my options. I planned to paint the cabinets with a warm white color called “cake batter” and wanted the walls an “amaretto” color. I think I must of been hungry or something that day because the names of these paint options remind me of food. (no I’m not pregnant) So I got my colors and was excited to start painting. I was nervous what hubby might say about the colors since they were a bit bold. Just as I opened the paint can to show him my creations–I was shocked at what I found–not amaretto–but an ugly claypot color!! Oh no!! What happened?

Then I thought, well it must need to be put on the walls and then the color will appear. So the next day I began to paint one wall. The “claypot” color did not disappear–it got uglier! We live in a mobile home so we don’t have a lot of space and everything seems to run together. And paneling makes me want to throw-up. But at least our paneling is not that dark brown but has more of a golden tone to it which I can live with, I guess. However, the claypot color next to the paneling in the living room was just too much–it was horrible! Now I am an artist and I know my colors, yet the lighting in those paint stores are so deceiving! And of course my husband tells me that when I pick a color I have to go one shade lighter because the color usually appears darker on the walls. This is true. However our kitchen was so open that I wanted the effect of bringing it in some so that it had it’s own space–this is why I chose a darker color.

I called my friend and paint buddy Julie for advice. We talked about the ugly claypot color, but in the end I decided that it needed redemption. I prayed and asked the Lord for help and asked to be redeemed from my blunders of once again not listening to my husband’s advice. I drove over to Home Depot to see their “opps! paint” selection and found yet another orange! I asked the sales people when more “opps! paint” will be available. The guy then remembered a paint behind the counter–yet it was a light lime green. He shared that they could tint it for me if I had a color in mind. Ah! Redemption at last! Yeah! I quickly looked through the colors and gave him a very light green/blue color. What was I thinking? Yes, I had become a paint junkie–there was no peace, I was in a hurry–and the Lord was still not in control of this paint project.

When I got home I showed hubby the color–oh no! not again! The color was way too bright! Peter chuckled–and said I definately had become a paint junkie. I wasn’t hearing the Lord in any of this– I was just doing my own thing and what a disaster I had created for myself. And yet the mercy of God shined through my husband who was so patient with my mistakes–what more could a wife ask for. He kept saying to me, “honey, it will be okay.” And yet inside it was so hard to believe that it would be okay in the end–how could it be okay when the walls were practically orange? But I had to trust him. And if I didn’t learn my lesson the first and second time, I was sure to learn it the third time. Once again I tried to rectify the bright teal blue color. I decided to mix some colors of other paints that I had for leftovers to see if the teal blue could be toned down a bit. Oh what a disaster! I ended up using all the color from painting the bedroom so now we have no touch up paint for the bedroom! And yet now the bright teal blue turned into a dingy teal blue–it was ugly.

Finally at the end, I repented of my will and opted to use the paint that I got for one of the rooms–a simple beige color–and painted the kitchen. Peter likes it and so do I–it’s subtle, yet with a flare of color. Who’d a thought that I would settle for a beige color in our home? But it’s nice–I have decided to go with a coffee theme since we love it so much. Sorry Julie–I just couldn’t bear the ugly clay pot color–but thanks for your counsel 🙂

So the moral of this event is this–listen to your spouse who will give great wisdom when you need it most and ultimately listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who will save you from a great mess and bless your efforts inn the end!

ps. since my digital camera is out of battery juice–I will post a photo later of all the great paint colors I bought. I would even be happy to sell them to my readers if your interested!


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