spring treats…

bird feeder Okay, do you have your coffee? I haven’t asked that in a while– You know what is sad about where I live. We only have 1 Caribou and the Starbucks happens to be in a bookstore…and there are no Dunn Bros. I am bummed. I have recently decided that Dunn Bros. is my favorite coffee. They even roast their own coffee right in the store–now that’s unique! Peter and I were recently up in the Cities and spent one Saturday morning at Dunn Bros.–it was awesome–the coffee was superb. We ended up meeting and chatting with some believers and exchanged e-addy’s–I love those divine appt’s that Jesus just sets up for His kingdom purposes. Going up to the Cities is such a treat for me…lots of good old memories of college, but I’m making new memories as we visit friends–and yeah, hunt for jobs.

Will someone pray for me? I still am needing a job. I think this is the longest I have been without a job–going on 2 months–*sigh. Okay, so today is one of those days where I am knocking on the doors of heaven saying, “hey Mister, remember me? You are beginning to scare me.” Our finances are ready to take a giant dive into the abyss of disaster–if you know what I mean. Anyway, a quick prayer would be great. Ah, and then the word “wait” appears in my heart and I hide my head in the pillows.

Okay so I guess by now you are wondering why the picture of the bear and the birdfeeder? Recently I have had the spring itch–birds, flowers, green, green, green…did I say green? I am so ready for spring that I am looking for ways to get it here faster. That’s the story of my life–maybe that’s why I don’t have a job? Okay so in my feeble attempt to enjoy spring even though everything is still brown, cold and snowing, did I say snowing? yeah winter wants to linger and spring wants to bring forth it’s beauty.

Anyway, I found a “cheap” (“inexpensive” as Peter would say) birdfeeder. Everyday I go outside I hear the song of the birds–rejoicing, laughing and playing. They know it’s spring–they are singing to the trees and the flowers telling them to wake up and bloom–for spring is here. However I think the weather is confused. I have never had a birdfeeder before and I love birds. We have cardinals, blue jays, blue birds, orioles, robins, yellow finches, woodpeckers–we countryfolk get the cream of the crop for birds choices.

When I put the birdfeeder up I thought that the birds would swarm to it…I thought they would start wrestling like on TV for birdfeed. Boy was I wrong. The feeder just hung there. It was silent. I thought to myself–“hey, don’t you like the food?” It has been almost a week and I asked one of our friends who is a landscaper nature dude why the birds aren’t flocking to the feeder. He replied with the line from Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will come.” Oh no, that word again–it’s popping up everywhere–“wait”. So the feeder hangs waiting to share it’s delectables with the little flying critters. And yesterday it happened! Curious George flew down to one of the birdfeeder perches and sampled a crumpet just when I happened to peer out the window! Perfect timing! I watched the little warbler as he sampled the feed. Then he began to dig in and chow. Just as he heard another bird, he perked his head up and jumped to the tree and hid. He peered around the corner to see if any bird was looking and jumped back down to the feeders perch. He knew he found a gold mine and didn’t want to share in his discovery–ah a selfish little bird…all mammals are alike–selfish. Suddenly I saw fear overtake the bird, he would sample the feed and then look over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching. It was amazing to watch how even the evil of this age has gripped God’s creatures. I continued to watch and as he had his fill of golden morsels then jumped back up to the trees branch to rest his full belly and eventually flew away.

This morning I again looked out the window and saw the return of the avaricious warbler to the feed. Suddenly a second warbler appeared to take part in the treasure and a short struggle began. The alpha mode set in and eventually the selfish warbler continued to feed. I thought to myself how I don’t ever want to be selfish and not share God’s abundance. And yet many times I know I have had greedy tendencies–God forgive me.


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