morning tidbits

Good morning friends– I just sat down with a fresh cup of coffee and…a piece of cake. I know it’s probably not the best thing to eat in the morning–but I couldn’t resist as it goes so well with hot coffee. Yesterday I made some cake (sweet toothe…hehe) and I experimented with the icing. Instead of buying icing at the store (which is full of trans fat)– I decided to make it from scratch. It turned out great! All I did was use the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa Powder can. If you don’t have the recipe on the back of your can– I will be happy to send it to you…mmmm..good!

Okay so I decided that I would import all my writings from the blog I was using before for those of you that want more to read–but please pace yourself–I don’t expect you to read everything in one sitting. I tried to categorize them the best I could. So if you are wanting to read something on my trials and how the Lord moved through them–click on “suffering”. Or if you would like to read some deep thoughts I had, click on “contemplative”, and so on…

this morning my husband and I have been reading about the dilemna betweenn the jews and gentiles–wow this is deep stuff… read for yourself if you like–will post more later.

The Dilemna Between the Jews and Gentiles


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