The Kingdom Suffers Violence

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. Matthew 11:14 NKJV

Have you ever been in a place where wrong was done and you didn’t think you did anything to deserve the wrong? I think I have been there numerous times. But the Lord allows certain events in our life to happen for a reason. And I believe that reason is so we will know Him more deeper—even in our sufferings—and suffering wrongly.

 Jesus knew just that—the kingdom of heaven suffers violence. Just this morning I was immediately, in getting out of bed, faced with a trial battling my mind. Recently I was laid off from my job and it is truly hard to let go of something when you scratch your head wondering why it happened. Rather than being at peace and reflecting on His Word this morning, my mind raced rapidly back to the events that led up to me being laid off from my job on Friday. I could not let go—I would begin to read the Word and then my mind would drift like a boat out at sea being tossed around by the winds of adversity attempting to sink the ship so that the ship would not reach it’s destination. uggh.

 I shared with Peter, my husband—I just couldn’t stop rehearsing the events of work. But what is unique is what took place when I openly shared my heart with my husband. For the Lord had been speaking to his heart this morning as well—a verse that brought revelation to our hearts. Matthew 11:14. So yes! We will suffer violent things—but we must defend our faith—to take back that which the Lord has already given us—in my case—victory over my mind—and take it back by force—proclaiming that Jesus reigns in my mind and His peace reigns in my heart. Once we prayed through the stubborness of not wanting to hear the Lord—His peace was restored and the turbulent waters and winds ceased without any striving…


3 thoughts on “The Kingdom Suffers Violence

  1. I hope I am doing this correctly! I was encouraged by your writings about your job lay off. I truly believe all things happen to bring glory to his name. That is his ultimate goal. Your job now is to fan the flame of the good deposit he has entrusted you with. (Don’t quench the spirit) in order for his glory to shine! Don’t worry his peace he gives to you. Love you Amy! -April

  2. We also have to remember the Lord knows what is best for us and most times it is beyond our own understanding. God works in ways that are not bound to anything, and therefore He works things out for what is best in the grand picture.

    When I find myself in difficult times I try to see God as my Father, and as a father, why would He do some of the things he chooses to do, or “allow” is maybe a better term. Like a child eating all the cookies. The child wonders why the parent is so angry, when the cookies tasted so good. Why wouldn’t a nice parent allow me to have pleasure by eating all these cookies? Yet when we look at the grand picture, we see that cookies, if eaten too many, in time will make you sick. Or that the cookies were baked to feed the hungry.

    We are only trying to protect the child, and do what we know is best, but as a child they cannot see beyond their own understanding.

    Thanks for letting me ramble. – Steve

  3. Oh how very true Remmy– that is totally what I am learning in all of this. That God knows intricately so much more about my life and desires good things for all of us–if we just trust Him to perform it. thanks, Remmy 🙂

    April– I am so glad that these writings have encouraged you in some way. That’s what the Body of Christ is for–to encourage others–even through the trials we face. I truly desire to “fan the flame” as you spoke of –and here is the perfect opportunity to do so– amen! hugs & blessings, sis.

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