mornings, mornings…

Morning all–boy, it sure has been a strange week for me. It’s seems I have been unable to catch up on sleep and tend to sleep in these days till the very last minute…which causes me to not be able to blog as often unless i blog at night. It’s probably because i haven’t been feeling that great.

Oswald brings a good word to the table this morning… he says,
If you cannot express yourself well on each of your beliefs, work and study until you can. If you don’t, other people may miss out on the blessings that come from knowing the truth.

and here is the verse that goes along with this mornings devotion…
Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth —2 Timothy 2:15

Wow, well my slumber has kept me from sure being diligent. Which has resulted in my flesh having more power that the spirit of God in me.

He goes on to say,
But you must be willing to go through God’s winepress where the grapes are crushed. You must struggle, experiment, and rehearse your words to express God’s truth clearly. Then the time will come when that very expression will become God’s wine of strength to someone else. But if you are not diligent and say, “I’m not going to study and struggle to express this truth in my own words; I’ll just borrow my words from someone else,” then the words will be of no value to you or to others. Try to state to yourself what you believe to be the absolute truth of God, and you will be allowing God the opportunity to pass it on through you to someone else.

The words– willing to go through the winepress are sure difficult to embrace but they sure do reap a good harvest. So I have to fight the slumber and embrace the morning with eyes wide open. For it is the Lord who created the mornings as a time of peace and quietness, where no one but the birds are singing and the dew on the ground is glowing (okay well that is spring time–my favorite season)–so i will stick to the frost on the ground because it’s freezing. Nonetheless–it still is quiet out because of winter. And we sure did get alot of snow and I hear we are supposed to get more. The morning is a sure time to hear the Lord speaking. He doesn’t speak like we think He does–He doesn’t blast us with a loud voice (althouugh I know He could)–but He requires us to lean in to Him and listen–to wait upon Him–to lean up against His heart and ask Him what would He like to share. So this morning I wait and listen…



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