a road less-travelled…

You ever feel alone? I could say this has been the best week and a half I have had for a long time–years even. The homefront is peaceful, I have a job that I love, I have a wonderful husband who loves me–but even having the best of those things can still leave you empty inside–for this I am discovering–because there is always something more one desires.

And as my favorite Psalm puts it–

Psalms 23:1–“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”

So why am I wanting more–more friends, more money, more sleep, more whatever–it could be anything–but today it’s fellowship and friends. Why can’t I just be content where He has placed me–on the less-travelled road of loneliness. It’s clear in Psalms 23– I shall not want-and that He is my Shepherd. But there are areas in my heart that are still wanting more–and in America–it’s even harder because the temptation to want is a hundred-fold. Oh, here I go off on my soap-box again. Nevermind that for now–I must stick to the topic…

So I look up the word about not wanting and find this verse in Scripture…

Psalms 34:10 The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing. KJV

Okay, so am I seeking the Lord as I think I ought, because it says that I shall not want any good thing when I seek Him. Then why do the lack of fellowship and friendships gnaw at me so? Is it because they take precedence over my relationship with Christ. It must…

Have you ever felt that way? Or maybe it’s just the opposite, you have so many friendships and people in your life that you are still lonely inside?

I could say to you, be of good cheer–Jesus is near…but would those words really touch the core of your heart where the emptiness resides. I know that I could not rightfully say anything at this time, because I too…

Struggle with sitting on a shoreline alone… where the ocean is calm and listening to the sound of water rhythmically hitting the shore line. Watching the rocks roll gently in the water as their fashioned smooth by His hand. I watch as He forms the clouds with His finger swirling them about in the sky and how His eyes choose each color carefully to paint a picture on the horizon—yellow, blue and pink hues that fade into a rich deep red. For the Master painter knows how to touch my heart with the colorwheel of His love. I see people walk by on the shoreline laughing and playing in the sand and wonder if they saw Him painting with His hand.

And as I sit here writing this short prose… my sweet husband brings me breakfast (2 eggs, 3 sausage and toast)–for I really have nothing to be in want of –yet, a great much to be thankful for. For I much rather have a painted picture from the Master Creator than any sort of fellowship that would take my eye off Him…

And so I continue to wait on the shoreline where the waves cluster toward the shore and the rocks move slightly back and forth and I sit waiting for the next painting in the sky of His love…


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