New Things

Today my husband and I have been married for 2 years-8 months–yeah! Those that are not married seem to get this idea that marriage is a piece of cake–but marriage really exposes who you really are deep inside whether you are ready to see it or not. Marriage is sacrifice…you have to work at it to make a good one last long. Otherwise it’s just like having a roommate–you do your thing and your spouse does their thing…eventually the sparks die because independance sets in.

The other day when at the grocery store I spotted pomegranates! I also recently had a dream of being in a “grove” of pomegranate trees (although at first I thought they were tomato trees-lol). I have never eaten a pomegranate but the other day at the store I decided to buy one just for the fun of it so that we could try it. I looked up on the .net how to eat them and found loads of other information about pomegranates.

Did you know that it is said that the fruit that Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil was a pomegranate? Did you know that the seeds within the pomegranate total 613 seeds which is the amount of laws contained in the Mitzvot? Wow! God is so creative! If you put the 2 together it speaks volumes concerning the fruit that was eaten by Adam & Eve and the law and how Christ came to fulfill the law!

So yesterday I opened the pomegranate and low and behold–it was quit astounding–the seeds looked like rubies! When we ate the seeds it had a sweet- sour taste to it. It was good! Pomegranates are full of fiber and anti-oxidants and are rich in potassium. I love discovering new things!


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