this means war

Isn’t it amazing that when you are in dire need of prayer that either absolutely no one is around or the people you would like to share your need with–you just can’t get to because of computer problems?

And then I think to myself–why am I not surprised. After all–the last thing that the enemy wants any believer to have is prayer–especially powerful prayer that will annihilate the little beast to oblivion and shut his mouth and all the lies that spew out of his decrepid mouth against me on a constant basis of which I have to battle with. And yet–I am still having trouble battling–I’ve got major unbelief in certain areas.

Or here is the other senario…maybe the Lord doesn’t want me to ask anyone for prayer but deal with it on my own 2 feet and so He allows certain things to take place so I will not lean on others for help. Okay so which one sounds better? I say the first one–but I know the second one to be true too.


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