As you can see that I tend to be long-winded. Growing up my parents used to call me “ramblin’ rose” because when I would call them (from wherever I was at the time) I would leave these long messages that would eat up all the tape on their answering machine. Hence the name “ramblin’ rose”. Except Rose is not my name…

Last night my husband informed me that when blogs were first created, they were short and concise–a blog. I laughed and let him know that it would be nearly impossible for me to keep things “short and sweet”– especially since sometimes I have so much rollin’ around in my noggin’ that I wouldn’t do my readers (I think I have at least 2–thanks gals!!) any justice if I didn’t try to explain every detail.

We agreed that…well…blogging has changed since then. So I will continue to ramble… yeah!!


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