Life, as Forest Gump says– “it’s like a box of chocolates–you never know what your gonna get.”

Life is like a matured house that needs some work. My husband and I recently bought a home that needs some work and some tlc–so we try to give it the best we can by making the yard pretty and hubby fixes the things that are going bad–kind of like what you see to the left. A house is kind of like my life–or my character– always needs fixing–it was born broken–but we all were born incomplete–until we find Jesus– and then the real working begins to intensify, sometimes seeming unbearable. But He never gives us more than we can bear–only just enough to bend us so that our eyes are turned on to Him and off of self. Just like a house–a room is gutted–our hearts are gutted out of all the filth it carries–and we hurt inside wondering when it will stop. But then Jesus the Great Carpenter comes to repair what was removed and replace with a far more beautiful dwelling. But isn’t it amazing that even when He is in the process of fixing the things that are broken in us that we kick and scream because change isn’t easy? We liked the old house–even though it was broken…because it was comfortable.

What keeps us from receiving all that He has for us? Our creature comforts–cars, money, jobs, people, self? Anything and everything can keep us from Him if we let it– I am learning to live each day in complete surrender–it’s not easy when flesh wants control–but God is not weak and if He can tame a lion–He can sure tame a heart…but I must agree to surrender my life completely for Him to change not just part of me (the house), but all of me.



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