Information Influx

Blogging– hmm.. just another way of journaling our thoughts for the world to see…or do I want you to see my thoughts as lucid as they are. I could write about things in the world or religious mumbo jumbo–but wouldn’t you really like to know what I am thinking instead? Our world is full of information–you can get it anywhere on the web, television, radio, people…but what we aren’t full of is one another. Do I know you? I mean really, do I know you? What are you thinking? What are your thoughts? Isn’t more interesting to want to know the thoughts of others and their personal struggles and joys than just information about that person.

For instance, here is information — John Doe, 36, loves biking, works as engineer, speaks fluent latin, married with 4 children.

Lot’s of information, right? But what do you know about John Doe? Anything? How is he doing today? What made him learn latin? Why does he enjoy biking? What caused him to go into engineering? And who did he marry–what is his wife like? And most of all–does John Doe know Jesus? What has John Doe been struggling with? Do you see what I mean?

On a daily basis we interact with so many people– through our jobs–going to the super market–going to the mall–the gas station–the video store–driving on the highway.

Lots’ of people right? Do we leave an impression? I recently shared with my husband how I love to watch him when we are out running errands. I love to see how he interacts with people and literally leaves an impression on them–just by starting a conversation or a simple hello. It’s amazing how many straight faced people begin to smile.

I mean really, what’s our purpose on earth? Are we here to fill up on a bunch of information and basically become walking robots–or are we here for one another– yeah–even those we don’t know–even the one’s we rather not know–yeah, even those.

Just something to think about–I challenge each of you who read this to just test it for one day. Go out of your way and smile or stir up a conversation, ask someone how their day is going–see what happens–did you make them smile–are you smiling inside because you made them smile–have you made a new friend? Would love to hear the results.



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